Bilingue English

UBICACIÓN: Burgocentro 2

HORARIO: 9:00 a 21:00 de lunes a sábado

LOCAL: 178 de Burgocentro 2

CATEGORÍA: Escuelas y academias


TELÉFONO: 604 067349


Bilingue English
ENGLISH – Kids and Adult Classes

Welcome to Bilingüe English, the newest English Language Academy in the heart of Las Rozas, Madrid! Offering an extensive range of English classes and workshops for all kinds of learners, from children to adults. We hope to become a centre for language learning and exchange. At Bilingüe-English, it’s more than just an Academy – it’s a community where language, stories, and cultures connect!

Here at Bilingue-English we are a brand-new bilingual bookshop with a wide range of reading in both English and Spanish, we aim to turn our space here into a location with some of the best reading and learning material for studying English. We also offer workshops and classes which you can book on our English Classes Page

Tailored Courses
We focuses on specific personal and professional your language development. Our aim is to help students to communicate confidently socially or in their work environment.

Great Teachers
Our experienced teachers are specialists in their field and provide interactive sessions that allow plenty of opportunities for English language development.